First Light Blog

  • I Quit Photography For Three Months

    I haven't picked up a camera in three months. And while I could make something up about how I've been so busy during that time working on amazing plans for  this year, and that everything I did in 2021 has contributed to this amazing roadmap I have for 2022... it would be a total lie. 

  • VIDEO: 2021 Fall Preview

    It's finally starting to get cool at night and in the mornings, so as summer starts to fade, I'm getting super excited for Fall and everything that comes with it. Check out this preview video I made using 2020 drone footage that shows what we can expect in just a few short weeks. Enjoy!
  • HIGHER: Aerial Photos From Around Boston

    I firmly believe that Boston is the best city in the US. It's historic, it's walkable, it's extremely clean for a major metropolitan area, and it's got natural beauty that is hard to find in cities of a similar size. These are some of my favorite aerial images of Boston that I've captured so far. Enjoy!
  • Milky Way Photography in Acadia National Park

    At the beginning of August, I treated myself to two nights of solo camping in Acadia National Park to once again chase the stars around the night sky. I had visited the area for three consecutive years at this point, but I'd never been by myself, and the idea of a trip dedicated solely to photography sounded like a great idea.
  • I'm A Pilot!

    Until this point, I've been flying my drone as a recreational pilot, which is the minimum for all drone operators. But, my skills have improved, so in May I decided to take my flying a bit more seriously. I committed to getting licensed by the FAA as a remote pilot in July, which would allow me to fly commercially to take on jobs and/or sell my images and footage. Spoiler alert: I passed!
  • Tips for Shooting Waterfalls

    I have a love-hate relationship with waterfalls. Well, really it's a love-love-hate relationship, because I love them, I love to shoot them, but I hate how difficult it is to really nail the shot. It's a lot harder than you'd think.
  • PHOTO STORY: Midnight Hiking in the White Mountains

    Earlier this month, I attempted my first night hike in the White Mountains in an effort to capture a Milky Way timelapse over Crawford Notch. What an experience!
  • Higher: Aerial Photos From Vermont

    We all have our favorite outdoor places to visit - somewhere that we find ourselves returning to time and time again. One of those places for me is Smuggler's Notch in northern Vermont. So, I grabbed Buzz the drone and set out to see what images I could capture from the air.
  • MDW Photo Giveaway

    A few times each year I like to do a little something to thank all my subscribers, followers and customers for supporting my work. With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, I thought I'd kick off the festivities a little early this year - and what better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with a photo giveaway?!
  • Four Hours in Rocky Mountain National Park

    In April 2020 my wife and I spent a week visiting the Front Range of Colorado and soaking up all it has to offer. With four hours to spend in Rocky Mountain National Park, this is what we explored.
  • Why I Celebrate Earth Day

    Earth Day gives us an opportunity to share and appreciate everything that this planet has to offer. One of the best ways I can honor its impact on me is by sharing some of my favorite locations that I've photographed over the last four years. I hope you enjoy them, and that they encourage you to get outside and explore what's around you, whatever that might look like.
  • PHOTO STORY: Milky Way Motion Timelapse: Cape Cod

    In March 2021, I visited Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA to shoot a Milky Way motion timelapse on Cape Cod. After hours of completely overcast skies, and a few snoozes in the car, the clouds FINALLY cleared around 4am revealing the galaxy core in all its beauty.