HIGHER: Aerial Photos From Around Boston

I firmly believe that Boston is the best city in the US. It's historic, it's walkable, it's extremely clean for a major metropolitan area, and it's got natural beauty that is hard to find in cities of a similar size. Sure, it has its downsides just like anywhere else, and other cities may score higher in one or two of the above categories. But, I haven't yet visited one that puts them all together like Boston does.

After living here for seven years, I've enjoyed exploring Boston by foot and discovering all it's hidden (and not so hidden) beauty. Over the last year, I've also started exploring it from the air as I learned to fly Buzz the drone. Aerial photography is special because it's like starting over and picking up a camera for the first time. You never know what you'll see from that vantage point, or what will come into your view with a simple turn of the camera.

While it's safe to say that I still have a lot of the city left to explore, these are some of my favorite aerial images I've captured so far. Enjoy!

The Boston skyline looms behind the iconic John Hancock sign at Fenway Park
If you're a baseball fan, you know this iconic sign well. Boston looms behind during a particularly intense pink sunrise

Boston University's DeWolfe Boathouse, photographed just after sunrise
Boston University's DeWolfe Boathouse on the Charles River, shot after sunrise

Harvard University campus, shot just after sunrise
Harvard University campus in the spring (Cambridge, MA), shot after sunrise

Mass Ave Bridge connecting Cambridge and Boston shot during a vibrant sunrise
Sunrise reflections of the Mass Ave Bridge, connecting Cambridge and Boston

Warm morning light hits historic Fenway Park in Boston
Warm morning light hits historic Fenway Park

Boston skyline at sunrise, with an empty Mass Pike in front of it
A rare empty morning commute on the Mass Pike, just before sunrise

The BU Bridge, shot at sunrise
A rarely photographed angle of the BU Bridge, shot during sunrise

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