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  • HIGHER: Aerial Photos From Around Boston

    I firmly believe that Boston is the best city in the US. It's historic, it's walkable, it's extremely clean for a major metropolitan area, and it's got natural beauty that is hard to find in cities of a similar size. These are some of my favorite aerial images of Boston that I've captured so far. Enjoy!
  • MDW Photo Giveaway

    A few times each year I like to do a little something to thank all my subscribers, followers and customers for supporting my work. With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, I thought I'd kick off the festivities a little early this year - and what better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with a photo giveaway?!
  • Why I Celebrate Earth Day

    Earth Day gives us an opportunity to share and appreciate everything that this planet has to offer. One of the best ways I can honor its impact on me is by sharing some of my favorite locations that I've photographed over the last four years. I hope you enjoy them, and that they encourage you to get outside and explore what's around you, whatever that might look like.
  • PHOTO STORY: Milky Way Motion Timelapse: Cape Cod

    In March 2021, I visited Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA to shoot a Milky Way motion timelapse on Cape Cod. After hours of completely overcast skies, and a few snoozes in the car, the clouds FINALLY cleared around 4am revealing the galaxy core in all its beauty.
  • Welcome Back to Milky Way Season!

    The arrival of March is a special time of year that always has me celebrating for a bunch of different reasons: Daylight Savings begins (8pm sunse...
  • PHOTO STORY: New Beginnings

    When is the last time you watched the sun rise? For most of us, the answer is "too long ago to remember", and that's a shame. While sunsets are mu...