Higher: Aerial Photos From Vermont

We all have our favorite outdoor places to visit - somewhere that we find ourselves returning to time and time again. It could be a particular stretch of beach, a lakeside retreat, maybe a golf course or reservation area, or even a city park. Somewhere you know really well and it just never gets old.

One of those places for me is Smuggler's Notch in northern Vermont. No matter how many times I drive those twisty roads, hike one of its peaks or ski a line in the winter, I just can't get enough. But, I've only explored it from ground level.

Last weekend I decided to change that. I grabbed Buzz the drone and set out to see what I could capture from the air. As with any drone experience, an aerial perspective really opens the eyes to what we land-walkers are missing out on. I've been visiting the Notch for over 20 years, but as soon as I got Buzz into the air, it felt like a whole new location.

These are some of the images I captured while flying high above the Green Mountains. Safe to say I have a lot left to explore!

Aerial view looking south down Smuggler's Notch toward Camel's Hump in Vermont
A Sunday drive on Rt. 108 takes this vehicle through the winding roads of Smuggler's Notch. 

Aerial view of Madonna Peak at Smuggler's Notch in Vermont
The top of Madonna Peak is reachable via the Long Trail in the summer, or skiers can take the Madonna chairlift during winter months. Can you spot the hiker?

Aerial view of Smuggler's Notch Resort looking south over Stowe, Vermont
Looking south down the Long Trail toward Stowe and its ski area namesake. In the winter, this foreground is a ski trail at Smuggs called "Drifter".

Aerial view of Smuggler's Notch Resort in Vermont with Mt. Mansfield in the background
Pictured here is Sterling Pond, a popular day hike for visitors to Smuggler's Notch. Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's tallest peak, looms in the background.

Aerial view of the Green Mountains in Vermont
Daniel's Notch (left), Hagerman's (middle), White Face Mountain (right)

Top down view of the top of the Madonna chairlift at Smuggler's Notch Resort in Vermont
Top down look at the top of Madonna Peak, where the Long Trail meets the Madonna chairlift.

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