New Year, New Website, Blog & Newsletter

Beverly Massachusetts Sunrise

It's officially 2021! Like many people, I've spent the past few weeks reflecting on how wild 2020 was and thinking about what I want from the new year. And while there's still so many things up in the air, there are also a lot of things within my control. One of those is refreshing the types of content I share as a photographer, and the ways in which I share it. So, I updated my website, and I'm also starting a blog.

The updates to the site are intended to make it easier to browse, and if you are so inclined, purchase my work. I hope you'll find the design clean and snappy with a lot simpler process for checking out than I had in the past. As for the blog, I'm not really sure how I'll use it yet - I have a few ideas, but not committing to anything right away. For now, it will serve as another outlet for me to share images and other things I'm doing on a regular basis that don't make it into an Instagram post. Videos, editing tips, special photo sales, etc - it's all on the table. Hopefully you find it entertaining, interesting, and maybe even learn something from time to time.

So, I invite you follow along as this takes shape. Thanks so much for being part of my community, and for the ongoing support! You can keep viewing my latest images on Instagram, but if you'd like regular updates, please subscribe to my newsletter - which is also new for 2021.

Happy New Year!

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